Fire Smoke Alarm Testing and Installation

Your trusted, local NIC-EIC approved fire and smoke alarm installation specialists serving homes and businesses throughout North London and Hertfordshire

Smoke detectors play a vital role in keeping you and your loved ones safe, so it's vital that the one in your home is working at its best at all times.
Our experts offer affordable smoke alarm tests to homeowners throughout North London to ensure your alarm meets the strict standards set out by the UK's government's British Standard BS 5839.
Just moved into a property and don't have an alarm installed? Thinking of upgrading your outdated model to a state-of-the-art digital alarm system? Our fire alarm installation specialists can help with that too.

Home Smoke Alarm Testing in North London and Hertfordshire

Over time, even the best alarms can begin to wear down as they collect dust and dirt, lose battery life, or generally degrade with age.

As part of our comprehensive smoke alarm testing service, our fully qualified specialists carry out a full and vigorous check on all aspects of your system, from the mains panel and batteries to smoke and heat detectors and sirens, are functioning as they should.

Types of Smoke Alarms We Support

We're proud to serve our community with comprehensive testing, replacements, and new installations of all Grade A - F smoke alarms. Some of the more popular models we work with include:
Battery-Powered Alarms
The standard alarm types fitted in most alarms, powered by a 9-volt battery.
Mains-Powered Alarms
Offering greater reliability than battery-powered models, mains-powered smoke detectors run on your home power supply with a back-up battery installed in case of power failure. If you're thinking of upgrading to this type of alarm from your battery-operated system, our North London Electricians can help with that.
Combination Strobe and Vibration Pad Smoke Alarms
Likewise, we can help you upgrade to a mains-powered alarm system with added strobe lights and vibrating pillow pads. These are ideal for nursing homes as well as in residential properties occupied by elderly people or those with hearing and sight difficulties. As a more affordable alternative, we can also fit alarms with a basic emergency light.
Interconnected Alarms
The most popular type of fire alarm in large commercial buildings, an interconnected system ensures that if heat or smoke is detected by any single alarm, all of the other alarms throughout the property will sound. For added safety, these can be connected to your fire sprinkler system and even to electronic doors to ensure an easy exit.

How to Test Your Smoke Detectors at Home

If you’ve had your alarm installed for a while and aren’t sure whether or not you need us to come and take a look at it, there’s a quick and simple way to test it for yourself.

  • Find the button labelled ‘test’ on the face of your smoke and hold it down. If the alarm starts ringing loudly, that’s a good sign that it’s in good working order.
  • If the alarm rings quietly (especially if it’s too quiet to hear over common household noises like the sound of your television), or if it doesn’t ring at all, that means there’s a problem.
  • It may be that simply changing the battery solves the problem. If it doesn’t, or if you’re still not confident that your smoke detector is working as it should, call us and we’ll be happy to help.

My Smoke Detector is Making a Chirping Noise - What Should I Do?
A 'chirping' noise or irregular beeping is your smoke alarm's way of telling you that its battery is dying. Replacing the battery as soon s possible should solve that problem.

Commercial Fire Alarm Testing and Installation

You don’t have to own a residential property to take advantage of our cost-effective services.

At Pulse Electrical, we also offer a full range of fire alarm testing, installation, and maintenance services for commercial premises throughout North London and Hertfordshire.

Whether you’re planning to upgrade your existing alarm system to provide better protection for your employees or you simply need a fire alarm safety test to ensure compliance with current legislation, we’re always happy to help.

Cost-Effective Smoke Alarm Installations

Pulse Electrical also provides a complete smoke detector installation service for rental properties, new build developments, and homes without an existing alarm.

As part of our initial consultation, we offer impartial, expert advice on the systems best suited to providing maximum value for your money.

Only when you’re 100% happy with our suggestions do we set about installing a smoke alarm on your property in a way that matches not only our own impeccable quality standards but those outlined in current British legislation as well.

What’s more, we do all this at one fixed rate, with no hidden costs guaranteed.

Why call Pulse Electrical?

Safety remains our absolute priority in everything that we do, which is why our skilled lighting specialists receive regular, ongoing training to ensure full compliance with the latest industry safety standards.
Peace of Mind
We're fully insured for your peace of mind and never settle for anything less than exceptional workmanship.
Honesty & Transparency
Most importantly, we take pride in serving our community with honesty and transparency, which is why all of our lighting installations come with fixed-priced written quotes with no hidden costs guaranteed.

Throughout our 15+ years of delivering professional lighting services throughout London, we’ve learned that what really matters most to businesses and homeowners like you is finding an electrician qualified to carry out the work to the highest levels of quality, safety, and integrity.

Throughout our 15+ years of delivering professional lighting services throughout London, we’ve learned that what really matters most to businesses and homeowners like you is finding an electrician qualified to carry out the work to the highest levels of quality, safety, and integrity.

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