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Mill Hill

Those living in Mill Hill will be pleased to know that we provide top-quality electrical services throughout the area, with a guarantee that our work will be completed to the highest of standards and within the specified budget. We can complete all manner of different types of electrical services in Mill Hill, and would urge you to call us today if you feel you need the services of an experienced and well-respected electrician.

Fuseboard Installation

One of the most common types of job we complete in Mill Hill is installing new fuseboards, which is a potentially complex job requiring the skill and knowledge of an experienced electrician. Many people choose to neglect the state of their fuseboard, and this attitude can have serious ramifications in the future. So, why exactly should you ensure that your fuseboard is replaced when it needs to be? Here’s some reasons…

  • Old fuseboards can potentially contain unsecure wiring, which can lead to electrical fires – something that will be very damaging to your property.
  • The fuseboard does not comply with the requirements laid down by British standards, therefore making it susceptible to issues.
  • New fuseboards switch off quicker in the event of a fault – usually within 0.3 seconds, which is before an electric shock can happen – therefore making them much safer.

As can be seen, the overriding reason to replace a fuseboard is that of safety – and what better reason is there when your family is involved? Even if you have a small suspicion that your fuseboard needs replacing, we’d really encourage you to call us as soon as possible. Even if no replacement is needed, your peace of mind will be improved significantly.

How Long Does Fuseboard Replacement Take?

In terms of how long it takes to replace a fuseboard, it really depends on how recently the fuseboard was changed or rewired. On average, however, we would expect to take around 3 hours to complete the job to a high standard. Of course, if we encounter any other problems, we will inform you straight away and provide appropriate advice. It’s all part of the honest and reliable service we provide to every single client.

Our Other Services

We don’t just install fuseboards though – residents of Mill Hill can call us for all manner of different electrical projects they need completing. This could be a major rewiring of their home through to the fitting of a new plug socket, or a full wireless intruder alarm installation through to replacing light fittings. Basically, you can call us for any electrical-related issue you might have.


So, if you are looking for an electrician in Mill Hill, please use the Contact form on this site to get in touch. If you would like a more personal service though, please call us on 0203 504 0000 to speak to one of our experienced and friendly team. When you call us, you can be sure you’ll be calling the best electricians in the area…