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Finchley is one of our primary areas of operation, and we pride ourselves in having a great reputation throughout the area. From large homes through to smaller apartments, we are able to carry out all manner of electrical work, all at a price you can afford.

Our Services

When it comes to the services we offer to the residents of Finchley, we are able to complete jobs concerning:

  • New sockets and switches
  • Electrical installations
  • Fuseboards
  • Replacement light fittings
  • Outdoor electrical work
  • Rewiring (either full or partial)
  • LED lighting
  • Downlighters
  • Wireless intruder alarms

Of course, the above are only examples of some of the jobs we can complete – we would also ask you to contact us should you have any other electrical projects that need completing, and we will always endeavour to provide you with an excellent service.

One area of work that we undertake on a regular basis in Finchley is that of full rewiring, thanks to the massive property boom occurring there at the moment. This is, as you can appreciate, a large job and needs an experienced and reliable team of electricians – something we can certainly provide.

Why Get a Home Rewired?

But why is it necessary to get a full rewiring of your home? Well, the primary reason is that electrical equipment – much like all other things in a home – gradually degrades over time, potentially making it dangerous. It is also the case that many homes in Finchley were built in a time that didn’t have the large demands from electrical equipment needing reliable electricity supplies, therefore aren’t able to amply support a modern lifestyle. Our service allows you to make your home safe, while also tailoring your electrical system to suit your own personal needs. Of course, we’ll consult with you before we commence, in order to understand exactly what you need.

How to Know If Rewiring is Needed

Perhaps even more important than why you need your home rewired is finding out whether you do, so here are some pointers that will give you a clue about the state of your electrical system. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it is advisable to have one of our experienced electricians attend your home to conduct preliminary checks:

  • Do your fuses blow regularly?
  • Are your plugs and sockets still of the old, round style?
  • Do sockets or plugs get hot, or have scorch marks around them?
  • Do your wires have rubber covered flex (phased out in the 1960s)?
  • Has your wiring system been checked in the last 10 years?

When we come to your home to make an initial assessment, we will provide honest advice regarding whether your system is fine, whether you need a partial rewire or whether we would advise a full rewire of the whole property. We’ve completed many jobs of this type, so we know exactly what your home needs.

So, please call us today on 0203 504 0000 to speak to us about any electrical projects you need completing in Finchley or any surrounding areas. Alternatively, you can email us through the Contact page – we’ll endeavour to respond in a timely manner.