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Barnet is a huge area, and we are proud to provide electrical services to everyone living in this part of London. Many of the jobs that we carry out within Barnet though are needed due to people not looking after their electrical system in the proper way, so we thought we’d take this chance to give everyone reading this page a few hints about how to look after their electrical system as well as possible.

Some Tips on Looking After Your Electrics

Electrics are generally quite hidden within a home, and therefore people seem to forget about them – which is a mistake. So, think about your electrics today and take these steps in order to ensure they stay in the best possible shape…

  • Don’t overload electrical sockets. Sockets are only designed to support a certain amount of usage, so overloading them puts pressure on them that they can’t cope with. At best this can potentially damage the electrical system, at worst it can cause a house fire. Instead, it might be an idea to have more sockets installed?
  • Protect electrics from water. It is good practice to check your sockets regularly, to ensure that they have not been exposed to water. This could be sockets in the kitchen, or even sockets closer to the floor that have been exposed to rising damp. Water and electrics don’t mix, so if you have any concerns please call us.
  • Make sure electrical installations are tight to the wall/ceiling. Things like sockets, switches and light fittings should be tight to the wall or ceiling. If not, the internal workings can become damaged, which can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the system. We can happily repair or reinstall new fittings for you if needed.


What To Do If You’re Concerned

Your electrics are a serious matter, and even a small problem can snowball into a larger one if it is not remedied quickly. Even if you have a slight suspicion that there is a problem with your electrics, you must call us. We will then dispatch an electrician to take an expert look at the area you are concerned with, and recommend how you can sort the problem. Do not take any risks, especially when most problems can be sorted in a quick and affordable manner.

Our Services

We offer every type of electrical service you can think of. This includes rewiring, socket/switch installation, lighting installation, garden electrical work and general fault finding. Whatever your need, please call us and see what we can do for you!

If you want any aspect of your electrical system examined, please call us today on 0203 504 0000. We are one of the most experienced electrician companies in Barnet and the surrounding areas, and you can be sure your electrics are completely safe with us.